My ideal photo sharing site

January 24, 2009
  1. Take Flickr
  2. Add ability to publish to multiple "streams"
  3. Add Facebook tagging

That's all that I want. I take a lot of photos. Most of the time I am actively attempting to become a better photographer but sometimes I'm just out with some friends goofing off at a bar. I don't want to publish those photos to my Flickr account because:

  1. The first photo in your Flickr stream is the most important. People rarely look past it so you want to put your best face forward. Random photos don't belong there
  2. The people who are in those photos aren't on Flickr; but they are on Facebook. They will never see them if I publish to Flickr and not Facebook

Issue 1 is solved by supporting multiple "streams". By default anything I post appears on my Flickr stream like normal. But I could optionally post to a different stream. That stream isn't shown on the front page of my Flickr account. It's linked elsewhere; available but separated.

Issue 2 is trickier and I'll admit not very likely to happen. I want to have Facebook's tagging built into Flickr. I don't really care how this is implemented. Facebook could link users to the Flickr photo or Flickr could auto-upload images that I tag someone in to Facebook. Either way I just want an easy way to say "here are some photos of you from last night" without publishing to Facebook or falling back to email.

Thanks for listening to me rant. Here's a photo of some flowers (just because):

Is it spring yet?